Sirius Star® Square

Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky, and was the standard star for the color white in ancient China. The ancient Greeks believed that Sirius's appearances heralded the arrival of the hot and dry summer months. It was described as “flaming” in literature.

Sirius Star®...the world's brightest diamond® features greater scintillation and increased light return, improved brilliance and higher visual appeal than any other radiant or princess shape. There are currently two square shapes in the collection:

  • Sirius Star® Square with chamfered corners features 88 inclined facets (octagonal main facet design with four-tier pavilion). All the facets are indexed and inclined to present the maximum actual and virtual facet definition. This design was inspired by countless requests from our partners- radiantly inspired. In addition to improved performance, the corners are cut to prevent any possible wear and tear damage as these tend to chip on other square shape. Setting the Sirius Star® Square is a goldsmith’s dream. Sirius Star® Square is available in sizes from 0.40ct.

  • Sirius Star® Princess features 72 inclined facets.

Who needs hearts and arrows when you can have the stars? 

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