Sirius Star® Diamond

The brightest star in livings skies...

Named after the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius Star®...the world's brighterst diamond® is a radical new approach to designing and cutting diamonds. Just like Sirius stands out in the night skies- so does Sirius Star®...the world's brighterst diamond® stand out amongst its competitors. 

At Embee Diamonds we believe that no diamond should ever be relegated to just being another ordinary round brilliant shape, which is why all our designs result in diamonds that are more brilliant, brighter and spectatuclar compared to other round shapes.

The entire line-up of Sirius Star® Diamonds is the brainchild of Canadian diamantaire and master diamond cutter Mike Botha – who, drawing on a lifetime of experience as well as extensive research and consultation with leading diamond experts in North America designed this truely stellar range of diamonds which includes round, square, cushion, oval and octagonal shapes.

Devoted craftsmanship, boundless imagination and a critical approach to the art and science of diamond cutting and polishing are combined to bring this unique new style to market.