Design. Cut. Craft.

A team of around 80 jewellery designers, goldsmiths, diamond cutters and dedicated professionals in the United States of America, New Zealand and Canada have pooled their creative genius to bring an inspired collection of fine jewellery to a discerning clientele in North America.

An enduring legacy of over a century, and a creative millennium sets our collective apart. Yes, our combined experience pushes us well into eleven hundred years and we'll be adding about a hundred each year as we continue to push the boundaries in custom jewellery design and stellar diamonds. 

Our collective history starts in the early 1900's in Pennsylvania.

1908 - Byard F. Brogan established a small engraving business in Philadelphia. 

1919 - Marcel Tolkowsky published the specifications of the American Standard.

1949 - Byard F. Brogan, II joined his father in the business.

1968 - Michiel (Mike) J. Botha started as a diamond cross-working journeyman in Johannesburg.

1970 - Mike earned his red seal in diamond cutting in Johannesburg.

1974 - Ian Douglas started his jewellery apprenticeship in Wellington.

1980 - Mike opened his first diamond cutting factory in Johannesburg.

1981 - Ian opened The Village Goldsmith in Wellington.

1991 - James Schiavone opened Martoni & James in Peabody, Massachussetts- a boutique custom diamond jewellery boutique,

1993 - Evert P. Botha completed his diamond grading with the South African Diamond Council (now GIA) in Johannesburg

1994 - Byard F. Brogan III joined the family business.

1997 - Mike joined a diamond cutting atelier in Vancouver and shortly thereafter, cut the largest diamond ever cut in Canada.

1998 - Embee Diamonds was officially established in Canada.

2003 – Mike started experimenting with new ways to cut and polish diamonds and after many late nights, the first prototype CentSation was born. 

2008 - Ian & Christine Douglas formed The Inspired Collection with a young CA named Chris Benham

2008 - Evert joined the family business in Prince Albert and with his father, Mike started the testing, research, development and marketing of the Sirius Star® range of diamonds.

2009 – Embee Diamonds opened its factory in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

2010 - Mike, Ian, Christine & Chris met in Hong Kong.

2011 - Evert & Byard were introduced through the American Gem Society and the two companies started a joint venture for the marketing of Sirius Star®...the world's brightest diamond®.

2012 - Embee Diamonds, Byard F. Brogan and The Inspired Collection started a truly unique collaboration that features the unique, Inspired range of jewellery proudly made in the USA by Byard F. Brogan and features Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond® 

2013 - Inspired USA (Embee Diamonds, Byard F. Brogan and The Inspired Collection) showcased a collection of pieces at the American Gem Society’s Conclave at the Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, Arizona and shortly thereafter the first pieces were released on a limited basis into select markets.

2014 – Inspired USA is officially launched at the American Gem Society’s Conclave at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA.